My mission is to help you discover your spiritual power, understand and rely on the loving guidance of the universe, move stronger into your light, so you can learn to heal yourself from any past, current pains, anxieties or fears which are holding you back from living the extraordinary life you came here to live.

You will learn from our work together through various proven natural healing modalities offered, how to live consciously, raise your vibration, make better decisions, be in your flow, feel happier, harmonious, grounded in chaos and become a powerful co-creator!. You will reduce stress, balance your chakras and clear your aura.

After so many years of feeling sad, fearful, frustrated, anxious with my life and sustaining a head injury in 2011, which was the guided catalyst in my awakening, I knew it was time to heal and finally self-empower myself to live the extraordinary life I came here to live and help other souls feel the same. It brings me immeasurable joy to help others. What a blessing to see everyone feeling inspired, aligned and peaceful.

It’s time now for you to SHINE + GLO and feel illuminated!!

Karen Virdi

P.S. Shine and Glo On