Success Stories

Karen I just want to say what an amazing person you are. Beautiful inside and out…my experience with your guided meditation was something I’ve never experienced before. I was truly amazed including my wonderful son with the connection I felt with myself, spiritually and with you!! I cannot wait for your next session!! Xo

Susanna DiBerardinoMississauga, Ontario

Karen is an amazing person inside and out! She goes the extra mile to help you in any way possible. She does long distance Reiki on my daughter, my son and myself. After my session, I feel calm and a totally different person. I totally recommend Karen to anyone who needs some special spiritual healing! Love you Karen and thank-you for being you!

Sarina JonesToronto, Ontario

You will have met Karen at the right time and whatever the reason to meet with her, you will come away changed as I have.
Karen’s genuine and kind spirit will put you at ease and her counsel will definitely resonate with if not confirm what your spirit/soul already told you. This has been my experience with her.
Karen you have helped set my life on a trajectory, one that is proving fulfilling I cannot wait to continue growing spiritually under your guidance.
Thank you for the work you do and anyone whose lives you touch will treasure knowing you very much. You are truly awesome and your work very essential to self love and peace.

Joan ReidMississauga

I attended Karen’s workshop, where I had the chance to create a vision board with some beautiful new faces. It was a very spiritual and uplifting afternoon. I enjoyed hearing about everyone’s visions and goals for the future and in turn sharing mine with them. Karen also shared the story of her journey to spirituality with us which was inspiring and touching. I’m looking forward to being at more of these workshops. Thanks Karen for setting up a great afternoon. You have a kind and gentle spirit.

Inder GharialBrampton, Ontario

Karen is a shining star and she truly shows this through her work. I have had many sessions of Reiki with Karen and not only do I feel fantastic, serene and calm after my sessions, I also feel a surge of positivity through my mind and body. This is Karen, so positive, uplifting, motivating and truly an inspiration to me and to her clients.
Truly a shining bright light in my life and everybody that has the pleasure to know Karen. She does everything straight from her heart and soul.

Sabrina Gallo-FucileToronto, Ontario

I’ve known Karen Virdi since she was a little baby. Karen has grown into a caring, kind hearted woman who has a beautiful soul inside & out.

Karen is a very positive individual with a natural ability to build strong customer service to her clients. Karen is focused to help others to be fierce, to believe in themselves and be happy with fulfilment. Karen inspires others to live their life to the fullest in a positive way and to live life in gratitude each day and moment.

Wishing you all the success & happiness in your new journey

SukhoMississauga, Ontario

When I first met Karen, I was taken by her positive presence. She is a compassionate and soulful individual with a strong sense of self.

Karen understands her purpose in this life, and takes great strides to pursue her calling. She was an eager learner and dedicated student during her Reiki training. She possesses a strong understanding of the history and techniques of both traditional and western styles of Reiki. A truly natural channel for the Reiki energy to flow.

I would highly recommend Karen as a Reiki Practitioner, to anyone seeking relaxation in the form of energy healing.

Kelsey Collins

I had the pleasure of receiving Reiki healing from Karen Virdi. I didn’t know what to expect from the session but Karen reassured me that I had nothing to lose and prepared me for the session beforehand which was very helpful.

Karen is the most loving, generous and positive person you could ever meet. She is a pleasure to be around you can feel her warmth and she exudes positivity and kindness which is contagious.

My session was a very uplifting experience especially for my mind as well as for my body. It was great to have half an hour to just relax and focus on myself. It was a calming and relaxing session which gave me insight into a lot of my emotions which Karen identified for me through feedback I gave her. I would highly recommend her and the other services she offers.

Balbinder KaurUnited Kingdom

I never thought that I would turn to Reiki and now I just want to tell the whole world about how amazing it is!!

Karen is phenomenal – she listens, understands and most of all connected with me on an emotional and mental level to ensure I would get the best out of the sessions. Her open and honest approach allayed all my uncertainty, uneasiness and even apprehension that I felt about the process in my beginning stages.
I have never met anyone like Karen it is without a doubt that she has a natural gift which she shares with her clients and I can truly say she has me practically healed in very little time – to the point where my family has seen a huge positive difference in me.

I’m converting and recommending to all my loved ones that I know would benefit from this wonderful Lady.

I can’t thank you enough Karen.

GiseleUnited Kingdom

So I had my first Reiki session…I was nervous but ready. After speaking with Karen over the last few months I knew I needed this…allowing me to move forward from anything that’s been holding me back.

I felt at ease allowing Karen to start the Reiki healing…even from a distance she felt everything I felt. So now the hour is over…she messaged me to let me know we would have a discussion of her findings. I felt calm and relaxed but a little anxious to hear what she had to say.

OMG! She was bang on…I listened to her…her voice soft and relaxing as she explained everything in detail. Then she flipped the angel cards…giving me all the details of each card and what they meant.

I know Karen on a personal level, but as soon as I heard she was taking this path, I wanted to get to know her on this level too. This is “her” path…this is what she’s supposed to be doing. She is so kind hearted…absolutely genuine…giving everyone the benefit of the doubt.

Karen, I have no words on how to thank you…you helped me to move away from things I thought I had let go of. I feel open and ready for session #2. Can’t wait to experience this with you by my side.

You are a kind hearted soul…I am so happy you have found what you want to do in life and you love it. You bring joy into this world with all your positive notes and bits of information.

Thank you sweet lady! xo

DeeMilton, Ontario

When I arrived for my appointment, Karen was very warm and welcoming and made me feel very comfortable. A great way to set the tone! The setting was also very calm and beautiful, with lots of Windows and light.

During the session, I was surprised at what I was feeling! At first I was a bit anxious but Karen assured me that I was okay and encouraged me to relax. As soon as I did that, it’s almost as if magic happened! My body was physically and mentally relaxed. I felt as though my body was being “pushed down” and almost “realigned” by a force and I felt tingling in my fingers and hands. I felt as though a positive transformation of some sort was taking place. I felt completely calm and mellow, which is very rare for me!

Karen then told me personal things about herself, myself and my life, through her findings, that were very true, and things I should work on to live a happier and healthier life. I was literally in tears because it really hit me hard! She also had me choose angel cards which revealed and confirmed my feelings about different aspects in my life, and calmed some of my anxieties and fears. I will take these messages and apply them to my everyday life and use them as a way to keep myself living in a more positive and fulfilling way!

At the end of our session, we also talked more about her personal journey and aspects of my journey as well. I never felt rushed or like the “next client”. She took her time with me and just like that, an hour session turned into almost 2 hours! What an amazing, emotional session!

Karen has also called and texted me to follow up and check how I am doing following the session and has extended an invitation to me to contact her anytime with any questions, concerns or just if I need to talk to someone about anything! She has stressed how much she wants to help me and others in her life, and I know that she is genuine when she says that. She’s a wonderful, kind and caring person, and I’m so blessed to have met her! I will definitely be seeing her again and keeping in contact with her.

Karen, thank you for making me stop and take things into perspective in my life, and for extending your friendship to me. I did not feel like a client of yours, but rather a long-time friend and confidante. I came out of the session with a lot of positive energy, more appreciation for myself and my life and a drive to succeed in my endeavors. Seeing you truly was a wonderful experience and I would recommend you to anyone I meet who is interested in your services. See you soon!

ValeriaBrampton, Ontario

Karen is an exceptional listener who gives nothing but a 110%.
She is possessed with great intentions and has a warm heart to back it up.
I have seen my journey unfold in many ways towards something greater and that is simply due to the support Karen has demonstrated for me. Thank you Karen for helping me grow!

Kulwinder SuriMississauga, ON

Karen.... where do I even start. This is one of the most incredible souls I've had the pleasure to meet in my journey. She helps to keep my kids and I balanced on a regular basis. My kids get upset when she does distance healing because they want to see her they love her so much. She is always on point and sends me reminders through text messaging all the time. I don't ever feel like a business transaction when seeing her. She truly loves what she does and her soul is divinely guided to help others and this radiant light shines through her. My family is so blessed to have her in our lives. Love you Karen. Xoxo

Valerie GreenToronto, ON

I had the pleasure of meeting Karen through a mutual friend and was introduced to the world of Reiki. I can’t even begin to describe the difference I have felt since that day. Karen is a very warm and genuine person with great insight. I am looking forward to our next meeting.

Patricia MacedoMississauga, Ontario

Karen is truly an amazing and beautiful soul. She treated my mother and brought her so much inner peace and comfort at a very difficult time in her life. Although Mom is battling an incurable disease, she was able to find some relief, comfort and strength after only one session with Karen. Mom described Karen as "angelic" with magical hands for healing. Her spirit is genuinely pure and kind and one can feel that even before meeting her in person. My family truly believes God brought her into our lives at a time when we desperately needed someone with her abilities.

Sarita Gautam-ElliottMississauga, ON

Karen, it was so awesome to finally meet you and experience your phenomenal presence (after hearing about your awesomeness for so long).
Thank you for sharing your gift of transformation, visualization, and healing with such purity and intention. It is clear that whomever is blessed to cross your path (regardless of the duration or purpose), they will truly be changed for the better.
Karen, I look forward to always supporting your passion to create beauty, love, and growth in whatever capacity you choose. Thank you for consciously choosing to share your gift of healing & wisdom filled positivity with all those who openly wish to receive it. You are a clear example as always that God will provide the right people and the right moments in life for what one needs whether they know it or not!
I wish you nothing but limitless success with your journey, business and wish you so many blessings and continuous joy as you continue to cause positive ripple effects every step you take.

Much love and gratitude always.

Susan ChandyToronto, ON

During my time with Karen, I have acquired many benefits that I will take with me for the rest of my days. The benefits of Karen’s intuitive empowerment guidance range from life tools to coping mechanisms to spiritual resources. Karen has taught me how to make sure that I am ok from the inside out. For me, having a grounded center makes it so much more manageable to face the sometimes chaotic externals that come my way. I feel that Karen’s personal life experiences have informed and enhanced the invaluable wisdom she has bestowed upon me. Not only is Karen an amazing person, she is also an amazing friend!

Steven FrazierCalifornia- USA

I was not in a good place, when I started coaching with Karen. This quickly changed as the sessions continued because she completely opened my eyes and changed my views on life, in such a positive way. I started to become happy, focused and determined to make my life better and I did. I use all her techniques to get through each minute of every day. I have learned to love and ground myself. Even though our sessions are completed, Karen is always here to talk to me. I would highly recommend, she is the best person who could have come entered my life this year.

Nandini SunakToronto – ON