Soul Empowerment Coaching

YOU deserve to feel extraordinary each day! YOU came onto this beautiful earth to experience joy, good health, peace, live harmoniously, find your purpose and share it. YOUR greatest investment in this human experience is your true happiness. When you actively choose to heal and master yourself you automatically step into your authentic power. This creates a stronger connection and understanding with self and source which is the key to living the aligned life you know you are deserving of living.

So many people like YOU do not understand who they truly are and operate unconsciously on auto-pilot daily and don’t feel fulfilled, happy and do not understand or have the correct tools on how to empower their lives to create the long lasting changes, understanding the value of self love, the subconscious mind and being aware of all the built in power they have to transform their lives one step at a time!! This is where my heart centered driven Soul Coaching Program comes in!!

My work with YOU is very intuitive, therefore divinely guided. I don’t just listen and have you repeat your “issues”, only to keep them active and not healed.  Rather, I guide YOU to understand intuitively how to transcend and ascend from your “wounds” so you can finally be free, what a beautiful feeling!

When YOU and I work together, say YES ☺ to:

  • Living authentically in your power
  • Healing and truly understanding your challenge(s)-suffering
  • Learn how to use your inner power house to live your best life
  • Learn how to program your powerful subconscious mind to create your best life
  • You will raise your vibration which will automatically boost your manifesting
  • Learn various key self love techniques to help keep you connected, open to receiving
  • Learn various new thought process techniques for true self empowerment
  • Learn about your spiritual power and how to connect and use it daily
  • Feeling bliss, peaceful, grounded, healthier, and harmonious
  • More balanced energy for core areas of your life

My Soul Coaching Program includes:

  • 6 one hour sessions
  • Unlimited support
  • Various proven ascension techniques
  • ½ complimentary energy healing session
  • Precise homework to help align and heal the root issue(s)
  • Lots of love and care ☺
  • Transformations, awareness and ascension

It is time NOW for YOU to SHINE + GLO!! You can email me at to book your complimentary “Shine Thru” session where we will discuss all your needs!!

Here’s to Love, feeling Good and Shining Bright!!!

“Thank you Karen for being such an inspiring and authentic wellness coach. I had tried wellness coaching before and although it was a positive experience it never got to the level of depth, understanding and enlightenment I reached thanks to your guidance. I have taken great valuable lessons from our sessions and you have empowered me with the tools to continue to work to better myself, while caring for others. All in an incredibly positive manner. I only have gratitude for the most amazing journey I´m on thanks to your coaching talent. My most sincere blessings. Thank you Karen.”

SilviaBarcelona, Spain

“After working with Karen, I received clarity on not only my passions and purpose but on who I truly was. She helped me heal in ways that I truly did not believe were even possible and led me to find answers within myself that I never even knew were there. After working with her, I was able to KNOW exactly where I wanted to take my life and how to get there. Not only is she a beautiful soul, she is truly a joy to work with. She is undoubtedly gifted with her ability to help others. Working with her is life changing, motivating and inspiring to say the least.”

Leigha BensonToronto, Ontario

“Having Karen as a coach has been such a positive, inspiring and amazing experience that has helped me to make really good decisions with my life. When I first talked to Karen I was struggling with so many things, relationships, career, self-esteem. Through the sessions Karen gave me tools to help me lead a happier, more confined and less stressful life. Karen is such an amazing, passionate, calming soul. I would feel so empowered, confident and happy after every session with her. I felt like she totally understood me and was there for me when I needed her. I would highly recommend Karen to anyone who is considering coaching. I’m so grateful I was able to work with her!”

IngridPuebla, Mexico

“Karen helped me breakthrough barrier after barrier while I was working with her! I had considered myself a confident person, accepting of who I am…however, in our very first session, she helped me acknowledge that my confidence is lacking a lot more than I realize and it’s stopping me from loving me. Never once did Karen judge me for my thoughts, actions, or feelings. It was the safest place I could have had to explore this new realization and grow into a more confident and loving self! I always looked forward to our conversation and felt SO good after each of our sessions! If you’re ready to make a change, Karen will be the BEST support for you! Don’t hesitate!”

Colleen LernerNew York, USA

“I never realized that Wellness Coach could help oneself to the depth that my experience with Karen did. To truly nurture oneself you need to go deep. It was only with the help of working with Karen that I learned to do this. She has a calming and validating way of encouraging you to see that what you need is within you. I loved every session with Karen. I left energized and hopeful that what I needed to do was possible and already within me. After working with Karen, I believe everyone could benefit from their own Wellness Coach. Whatever you heart’s desire, allow yourself the gift of working with this woman. She was born to support and walk along side others. Thank you Karen. I so appreciate what and how you coach.”

Francine MoranNew York, USA

“There are many who claim to be wellness/life coaches, but Karen possesses a unique ability to help you heal as you confront the challenges that are holding you back in life. She is a warm, open, gentle guide that has helped me rediscover who I am. I had considered myself successful, but in retrospect I had been in a rut for some time. My perceived success was my job, but the job was not my passion. I began a mission to pursue what I am most passionate about…..Wellness. Karen was assigned as my mentor for the International Association of Wellness Professionals course. She took time to really listen to what was important to me, and to get to know me as an individual. In no time at all, I felt like she had been a life long friend. I gained a brilliant mentor who provided me with meaningful tasks and book recommendations to be a success with the curriculum and who was also laying the groundwork for my own wellness to continue on a successful path. What a gift! Karen is an intuitive healer of body, spirit and mind. There is not a more well rounded wellness professional. I cannot think of anyone who would not benefit from her transformative expertise. ”

Lisa NeuenfeldtNew York, USA

“Karen is an amazing mentor coach. She helped me dig deep into my inner self to find the root cause of my struggles. She is so kind and genuine, I felt like I could open up to her and receive feedback with non-judgment or criticism. I appreciated that she always had a book to recommend to help me through my challenges. She is very well read and knowledgeable in her coaching field. I really enjoyed my coaching sessions with Karen. ”

Krista SessionsCalifornia, USA

“Karen is a wonderful and positive coach. Her empathetic and optimistic nature is infectious and her guidance is invaluable. She helped me to work through fears and reconnect with my spirituality. I can’t say enough about all she has done for me. Thank you Karen!”


““When I began my life coaching sessions with Karen, my biggest struggle was my confidence. I was not aware of the power I had. I also struggled with a lot of stress and anxiety that I was unable to control. Karen helped me realize I had much more power than I thought. She taught me many mantras that have helped me in so many ways. Through her life coaching sessions, I gained a sense of power. Karen is a very inspiring and empowering woman who helped me so incredibly much. The sessions helped me gain back my confidence and helped my stress levels go down tremendously. She is a wonderful woman who I am excited to work with again”.”

Alyssia PerruzzaWhitby, ON