Crystal Healing

Just like you are a being of light, crystals too have their own light to spread. Crystals have their own frequency information, energy, purpose and healing properties which once omitted, interact powerfully with our chakras, aura, meridians and ultimately bring forth more positive changes in our lives. This in turn promotes healing on various levels.

Each crystal used on the body has a purpose and organic mission!

In having a crystal healing session with me, you benefit as your emotional, spiritual and physical body become more balanced and detoxified of low vibrating energies, thus making room for positive energies and more harmony with the mind, body and soul. When you feel better you attract better!!

How to Charge/Cleanse your Crystals

Crystals require to be cleared and charged as often as YOU feel so. Here are some common ways to assist you with that:

  • You can use running water from a natural source- (omit selenite or porous surfaces).
  • You may use a selenite bed (rectangular shaped selenite piece) to place crystals on.
  • You may use the sunlight – place all crystals on a window sill or balcony when it is sunny and let them charge for as long as you feel that day.
  • You may use the full/new moon times each month to charge them- place all crystals on a window sill or balcony during these peak times and let them charge overnight. Crystals love the moon light!.
  • You many use grounding techniques to charge AND clear crystals.
  • You may use sage, palo santo or a grounding incense ie) sandalwood, to clear them.
  • You can use reiki if you are a practitioner to clear and charge crystals too.

How to Program your Crystals

After trusting your intuition and finding your crystal(s), the next step is to program or set the intent within them.

Make sure you set intent “for the highest good of all” in your crystals as they resonate with the brain waves of your mind and what you imagine can materialise.

As a precaution, never use crystals for any harm- for this vibration will return to you!
Here is the process on how to set intention to your crystals:

  • Ground in a meditation.
  • Set your intention.
  • Put your crystal in your right hand in front of your Third Eye chakra and see waves of light bringing your exact intent in the crystal.
    See your wish coming true and most important feel the sensations of the outcome.
  • Put your crystal on your heart chakra and say thank you for serving you.
  • Finish your meditation and place newly programmed crystal(s) in a safe sacred place, ensuring no one can touch it.
  • Connect with the crystal each day, send it good energy and light. Programming of a crystal usually stays in about a week, the clearer the intent the better the outcome.
  • Make sure you do not doubt the process for this will not allow the manifestation to come to light. Use crystals as wise tools to assist you not to do things for you, they are a part of you once you start to connect with them and resonate with your energy.