Welcome beautiful soul to my site, everyone has a story and this is mine.

A head injury in March of 2011 completely changed the trajectory of my life. This experience forced me to shift my consciousness and began moving me to create a life of more meaning, love, joy, awareness and gratitude one which I was on the pursuit of constantly.

Pre head injury, I went from working in the corporate sector living each day feeling anxious, not so happy and aware that I was not fulfilled like so many of us feel. I was fully aware through my feelings that I was not using my gifts, specifically working in my highest potential for my greatest good, in this environment. Self-created fear would not permit me to make any changes to exit from the corporate world. But this head injury I sustained was indeed the catalyst in the soulful journey which I am finally now living. The universe truly has our back, this event was divinely guided by this higher power around us which we are all connected to.

Post head injury for about 2 years like so many people would feel in the same circumstance, I felt blocked, depressed, anxious, fearful, lonely, scarce, confused and fatigued to name a few as I was trying to make sense of what had all of a sudden happened to me.  My path was not clear, through faith and a deep yearning to feel and live better, I moved my inner self to a place of empowerment. Once I decided to feed this empowerment and trust that there are no mistakes in life, meaning everything happens for a reason, I became my own test pilot and starting removing old blocks through various healing modalities. I began seeing shifts in all areas of my life – so grateful!!.  As a result, I am at more peace, fulfilled, happier, conscious, healthier, prosperous and living in alignment.

I experienced so many tough days as you can feel from the above during this very uncertain period of my life, but as I began healing and investing in myself becoming happier and raising my vibration, I knew I wanted to pay this feeling(s) forward to as many souls as I could. I want everyone to shine their light and live the happiest life they possibly can.

I run a very successful holistic practice with various healing methods to help you in all core areas of your life such as Self, Finances, Career, Health and building a Stronger Mindset!!

Take a look at what I have to offer and don’t forget to read the testimonials to see the results that my soul tribe aka clients have experienced as a result in working with me. I look forward to hearing from you and watching you transform.

With Loving Vibes……. Karen